We break the system: how to stop having time

The pace of life is constantly accelerating.

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How we do? We are looking for ways to have even more effective, to do even more, to carry out several things at the same time, trying to balance between work, family and hobbies. What if you try to do the other way around? Simple techniques that will help relax and become happier.

If you periodically suffer from a lack of time, you probably know tricks designed to increase efficiency. You can, for example, listen to a useful podcast along the way to work or for the preparation of dinner. In between, put a couple of likes to friends, as well as answer several working letters to prevent the overflow of the mailbox.

Is it easier to get? Yes, sometimes we are really proud of ourselves that we managed more than planned. But, living in this rhythm constantly, we drive ourselves to a dead end. Every day the world becomes even faster, and we need to meet even more stringent requirements for ourselves. Any unplanned task can withdraw from balance. Instead of trying to keep up more, you can change the strategy and try to build life differently. Several tips will help this.

Choose single -assignment instead of multitasking

We are used to optimizing our day and do several things at the same time to save time and have time. Brooke MacAlry in the book “All the Best Simple. Everyday ideas for a more calm and measured life ”recommends, on the contrary, at least sometimes give up multitasking and devote time to something one.

Mecelry offers to choose one everyday duty or task and turn it into a ritual, not being distracted by anything else, when you will perform it. For example, observe water bubbles while boiling water in a kettle. Pouring welding with boiling water, see how tea leaves turn around, how water gradually changes color. Take a hurry to take the first sip to notice the steam rising from the mug, the author of the book writes.

You can turn any occupation into a ritual, even washing dishes or hanging underwear after washing. “Instead of planning dinner, thinking about tomorrow’s meeting or how to occupy children after a daytime, it is better to focus on the aroma of freshly worn out clothes, cool wet fabric in your hands, glare of the sun on hanging underwear,” MacAlry recommends.

Of course, it will not work completely to completely abandon multitasking, this is not necessary. But, allowing ourselves at least a few minutes a day to deal with only one thing, we get used to seeing beauty in ordinary things, MacAlry writes.

Arrange for yourself digital detox

Many remember the phrase of parents ”Do not sit at the computer for a long time”. Now she will cause a grin rather or just nostalgia. We spend the whole day for a book, and when we move away from it, we do not let out a smartphone out of our hands. What are you doing when you are waiting for a friend who is late? Most likely, the hand habitually reaches for the phone, opens social networks and leaf through the news feed.

It is pointless to refuse technology: we are used to making purchases with one touch or checking the weather for tomorrow in the application – this simplifies life.

But what if you select 15 minutes that you will spend daily without gadgets? “Disabling from the virtual world allows you to restore the connection with the real world – your children, partner, family, friends, work, environment,” MacAlry writes and recommends practicing digital detox regularly. Agree, 15 minutes a day – this is not so much.

Refuse the balance

We want to have everything, to be the best employee at work, and at home – an ideal wife, mother and mistress. MacAlry believes, no matter how we try to keep everything and everywhere, the achievement of balance is nothing more than a myth that “encourages the impossible to achieve”. She recommends ”to intentionally deviate from the balance and, most importantly, it is normal to relate to this”.

For example, you should not waste your last strength after a working day to prepare dinner: order ready-made food or prepare something very simple. The author calls it an man -made. Instead of striving for a perfect balance, try to consciously abandon part of the tasks.

Pull your inner coziness

What is your comfort to? Perhaps with delicious food that was cooked at home, with a warm blanket, with a soft light of a table lamp. Isabelle Gillis devoted to the book ”Cozy. Art is always and everywhere to feel comfortable »The topic of comfort. But this book is not about how best to arrange furniture or which curtains choose for the bedroom.

In it, Gillis writes how important it is to feel comfort, regardless of how external circumstances are formed. How to do it? First you need to look inside yourself: what inspires you, causes pleasure, pleases.

Gillis gives an example: in childhood, she and her parents often walked along the river bank, and together they looked at the fallen leaves, determining by their form, which tree they belong. Now, having picked up a sheet during a walk, she feels comfort, because she returns her thoughts at that time.

Look around, listen to sounds, inhale the smells, touch the surrounding objects, feel their shape and texture. Sometimes you can experience a feeling of comfort from the most unexpected things. For example, even the sound of a working washing machine may seem cozy if it makes you remember something good, return at a time when you often felt comfortable, the author writes.

Do not forget that “we are not talking about a tangible object – or rather, about the simple way to carry with us what we need most to achieve inner harmony,” Gillis writes. When we find what gives a sense of support and peace, it will become easier for us to feel confident even in complex and unfavorable situations.

Following these tips will not slow down the whole world, but it will allow you to choose a comfortable pace of your own life.


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