“Blue zones. 9 of the rules of longevity from people who live the longest ”d. Buttner

Why in some countries and


areas people live much longer than in others? Maybe it’s about ”good genetics”? But today we know that only 10% of life expectancy depends on genes. So, the point is not so much that nature gave us, but how we live. Dan Butnner, a traveler and correspondent of the National Geographic magazine, describes the experience of expeditions in nine blue zones-places in which the number of long-livers is more than anywhere else. Moreover, in these zones they not only live longer, but also retain vigity and clarity of the mind until death. Dan Buttner discovered that the inhabitants of Italian Sardinia, Japanese Okinawa and California Linda are united by a special attitude towards life. Their daily rhythm differs from ours, but looks more integral: they do not go to the gym, but constantly move;do not fight stress, but live at their pace;do not sit on diets, but eat as much as you need to quench hunger. Perhaps it is precisely such integrity that makes these people special.

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 208 with., 2015.

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